First appearance The Spoils
Last appearance De Patre Vostro (About Your Father)
Profession Soldier
Race Roman
Relationships Lucius Vorenus
(Friend/Employer, deceased)
Titus Pullo (Friend)
Gaia (Former Lover, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Michael Nardone

Mascius is a veteran of the 13th Legion, having served throughout the Gallic War presumably in the same Century as Vorenus and Pullo. During much of the second season he is "third man" in Vorenus' collegium.


Brother mascius of the aventine collegiate is a funny nice and well arounded character who has befriended Pullo and Vorenus during ceasars Gaulic wars.

Season OneEdit

He informs Verenus that the soldiers want land in Italy and not some far away province. He is bribed by Verenus and then leaves.

Season TwoEdit

He runs the calegium while Pullo and Verenus are away. During this time there is much fighting and violence almost on a daily basis as each mob boss wants full control of the Aventine. When Pullo and Verenus return he is named third man again much to his anger. As the belives he kept the calegium together and atleast deserves to be second man. He and some men are ambushed when Mimio's men attack King Herod's gift to Octavian and Antony. He is wounded and brought back to the calegium were the is treated. Pullo and Verenus expect he betreyed them and Pullo is about to kill him when Verenus stops him. He is crippled by his injuries from the attack for a while but recoveres. He is seen last when Verenus is brought back home

Season TwoEdit