First appearance The Stolen Eagle
Last appearance The Stolen Eagle
Profession None
Race Roman
Relationships Pompey (Husband, deceased)
Caesar (Father, deceased) stillborn daughter
Status Deceased (Died in childbirth)
Actor/Actress Lydia Leonard

Julia is the daughter and sole biological child of Julius Caesar and his first wife, Cornelia.

Season OneEdit

Julia was historically the fourth wife of Pompey and was about thirty years his junior. All accounts say the marriage, though politically arranged, was a happy one. She briefly appears in the first episode of Season One, giving birth to a stillborn daughter. Julia dies shortly thereafter and news reaches her father sometime later, who is visibly unnerved by the news.

Julia's death also severs any ties Caesar has with Pompey, eventually leading to civil war.


  • Julia Caesaris was the only legitmate daughter born to Caesar by any of his wives.
  • Historically, Julia suffered a miscarriage in 55 BC when she believed her husband has been killed. A year later, she dies in childbirth (the sex of the child is debated among historians).

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