First appearance The Stolen Eagle
Last appearance Pharsalus
Profession None
Race Roman
Relationships Pompey (Husband, deceased)
Scipio (Father, deceased)

unnamed children

Status Active
Actor/Actress Anna Patrick

Cornelia is the second wife of Pompey.


Cornelia is the daughter of Scipio. She is introduced to Pompey by her father shortly after his first wife died in childbirth. Also seeking to ally herself with Pompy (and against Caesar) is Atia, who forces her daughter Octavia into a divorce and presents her to Pompy during a dinner. Pompy is obviously enamored by the attractive young woman (the opposite of the older Cornelia) and Atia even goes so far as to let him consumate the relationship that night.

As Caesar's strength grows, Pompey decides instead to marry Cornelia, humiliating Atia and Octavia in the process. She provides him with two more children, despite her age, and is a dedicated wife and mother.

Cornelia and his children watch from the boat as Pompey is rowed ashore to Egpyt, seeking sanctuary. He is greeted by an ex-comrade, Lucius Septimius, who now serving as a mercenary in the Egyptian army. Cornelia shields the children's eyes and watches in horror as Septimius beheads Pompey and lets his corpse topple into the water.

Cornelia and the children are not seen again in the series.

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