First appearance Utica
Last appearance Utica
Profession Soldier
Race Roman
Relationships Scipio (General, deceased)
Cato (General, deceased)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Dominic Rickhards

Aquinas was an officer under the command of Cato and Scipio. He broke down the door of the house where Cato and Scipio stayed the night after their defeat at the Battle of Thapsus. Later that night, Scipio asked Aquinas for the use of his knife to cut the "stubborn" bread he was attempting to it. It was with Aquinas' knife that Cato killed himself. The next day, Scipio had Cato's body burned and then asked Aquinas to cut his throat, commanding "Cut deep, boy". Aquinas stated "Goodbye sir" and then proceeded to cut Scipio's throat.

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